Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ammolite.Different Forms.The Natural Gemstone.

Since the time some decades back when ammolite was accepted as a gemstone there have many different forms of it presented to the market and each has developed its own following.

Producers and experts agree that the most desirable and valuable form of ammolite is the natural stone.

This is the natural stone on its own matrix.

In this form the ammolite gem is stabilized chemically to harden and preserve it and then it undergoes a laborious polishing ro the point that is has a glass like finish.No epoxy is applied to it.

This form of ammolite makes fine collectors specimens and if set correctly also make fine jewelry.

It is also by far the most expensive form of ammolite.

You will most often find these gems in non callibrated shapes and sizes and are usually set by a craftsman as a one of a kind piece of jewelry.

Natural gems need to be set in a protective way with protection for the edges to prevent chipping.

Care is required for these stones as they are brittle, so dropping one on a hard surface can shatter it like glass.

With proper care these gems will last a lifetime and their beauty is unmatched.

Here is an image of a top grade Imperial Nipplite top grade gemstone in my collection.Gems like this one sell for $1800 and up.

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