Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ammolite Triplets for Jewelry.

What is an ammolite triplet?

An ammolite triplet is a sandwich of three parts creating a durable gem using the gem itself as the central layer.This central layer is cemented to a hard backing material and the top is covered with a clear protective layer often made of quartz or spinel but occasionally of inferior materials such as crystal or plain old glass.

Many buyers are completely unaware of how their triplet has been created.

I recommend buying only the quartz or spinel varieties as those who create fine triplets use only the finest materials.

An ammolite triplet,while not the highest form of ammolite,was created for use in jewelry because natural ammolite is unsuitable for some items,particularly rings,due to the natural gems inherent fragility.

Ammolite triplets should be cared for gently as they can be damaged by exessive exposure to water which can cause separation of the layers and destruction of the triplet.Cleaning should be done occasionally with a damp cloth--never an ultrasonic cleaner.

Many triplets are destroyed by setters who do not understand the gem and put too much pressure on the prongs holding the gem.This can also cause delamination and destruction of the gem.I learned this painfully when I first started setting triplets and have even seen experienced jewellers unfamiliar with ammolite triplet characteristics destroy them.

Ammolite triplets made with fine quality ammolite are extraordinarily beautiful gems and in their best form are commanding ever increasing prices.It is common for triplets to sell for more than $1 per square millimeter.Thus an unset 15x20mm stone of good quality often  retails for more than $300.

Ammolite fanciers in the know look for triplets with at least three good colours and in my case, I collect those and go one step further.

I particularly collect gems that have that "something extra",perhaps a rare colour,a rare combination of colours or a rare colour pattern.I look for pinks and purples as part of the colour palette as they are the rarest and often have unusual set jewelry you can see containing ammolite gem stones with these rare qualities in my Ebay Shop

Here is an image of a gorgeous set triplet set in gold and topped with a diamond accent.
Note that it has 'that something extra"---a bright note of hot pink!

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